The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) guidance recommends

“An employer shall provide and maintain suitably marked and easily accessible first-aid equipment, as is adequate and appropriate in the circumstances for enabling first-aid to be given to persons at every place where working conditions require it, at a place of work under the employer’s control, First-aid equipment should be conveniently located and kept up to date.”

Different work activities involve different hazards and therefore different first aid provision is required.

As a minimum every workplace should have an occupational first aid box or kit. The Table across gives a broad indication of the type of first aid supplies which would be reasonable in different circumstances but you can download the checklist here.

Our school first aid kits and refills have been carefully selected and designed with the unique requirements of schools in mind. For our larger kits, we’ve added extra components that go beyond this standard content, meaning you will have more components to treat common injuries that happen in and around school grounds.


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