Sports Instant Ice Packs 300gram 40s

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Ideal for use on all soft tissue injuries and general aches and pains. The compact size allows cold therapy to be delivered direct to the injured area and stays cooler for longer.

  • High quality ice pack that activates instantly when squeezed
  • Ideal for providing cold therapy to sporting injuries including sprains and strains
  • Single use and easily disposable activating instantly when squeezed
  • Ideal for use by sports teams on acute injuries, inflammation and swellings
  • Keep in your sports first aid kit
  • Stays colder for longer than a standard cold pack
  • Cold therapy is most effective when used immediately after injury and for the first 48 hours
  • To be used immediately after injury to slow down the blood flowing into an injured area and reducing swelling

Weight: 300g in value 40 pack

Pack Size: 40

Disposable Instant Ice Pack Sport
Sports Instant Ice Packs 300gram 40s

Pack Size: 40