Latex Gloves 100’s Powder Free


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  • Powder free to minimise drying effects of powder on the skin.
  • Extremely close fitting, ambidextrous and with excellent dexterity.
  • Recommended for use with blood/blood stained fluids & some chemicals.
  • Ideal for short term use / frequent changing.
  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Material Safety Data Sheet 

Latex Gloves 100’s Powder Free

  • Latex Powder Free Gloves Medium Pack of 100 (50 pairs)
  • Provides an Effective Barrier Against Pathogens
  • Natural 100% latex rubber
  • Ambidextrous Medical grade quality AQL 1.5 Maximum dexterity, sensitivity and comfort
  • Latex Powder-Free gloves have a lower risk of causing allergies than powdered gloves
  • Also available in Large Code 500020


Latex Gloves Material Data Sheet


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