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FFP2 Face Masks 50s Nose Clip Elasticated Headbands


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10+ 25.00

EN 149 is  the European standard for testing face masks. There are 3 classes of masks: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, (FFP = Filtering Face Piece) ranked by their filtering efficiency. Make sure that mask has FFP embossed on the mask to show certified standard.

  • Flat Fold Respirator Masks – Breathe easy in comfort
  • Meets with European Standard EN149:2001 +A1:2009 for Face Masks
  • Fixed in place by 2 elasticated head bands
  • Metal nose clip for secure fixing
  • Adjustable head strap provides comfortable fit
  • Graphene Free, lowest possible breathing resistance
  • Protects people working with harmful pathogens present a danger to their respiratory systems and long term health
  • Ideal for healthcare workers
  • Horizontal fold style for greater protection and comfort
  • Latex free straps for best fit and seal
  • Filtration efficiency: 94% of all particles measuring up to 0.6 um
  • Packed 50 masks to a box


FFP2 Face Mask Declaration of Conformity

Graphene free declaration

FFP2 Face Mask Technical Data Sheet

FFP2 Face Masks 50s Nose Clip Elasticated Headbands

50 Individually Wrapped, Box of 50