DefibCaddy Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet – Unlocked


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Keep your defibrillator protected from the elements and accessible 24/7 with an outdoor unlocked defibrillator cabinet. Made from polyethylene, viewing window and LED lighting. Compatible with all defibrillators: Defibtech, iPAD SP1, Mindray, HeartSine, ZOLL, Philips etc,

  • Viewing window
  • LED Lighting
  • Double skinned for strength and insulation
  • Moulded one piece construction
  • No screws or joints, meaning all threaded fixing holes are moulded in for increased strength and durability
  • Heaters come on at 8 degrees Celsius. Run until 15 degrees Celsius before switching off. This drives out any condensation and avoids constant switching
  • Power: cabinet operates from your mains 240v power
  • Supplied with an Irish 3 pin plug as standard
  • Electrics: 120-240V AC powered heater
  • Warranty: 10 year structural, 5 year lock, 5 year electrical

External (max): 510 x 480 x 295 WxHxD (mm)
Internal (max usable): 330 x 330-385 X 200 WxHxD (mm)

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Pack Size: 1

DefibCaddy Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet – Unlocked