Contactless Thermometer – CE Certified

36.90 (Price excl. VAT: 30.00)

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  • Contactless Digital Thermometer
  • Interchangeable between Celsius and Fahrenheit (see note below)
  • Accurate to 0.1 degrees Celsius
  • High definition backlit display
  • Measurement results are clear at a glance
  • If the temperature mesured is higher than 37.6 degrees celsius, the screen backlight turns orange and the machine bleeps
  • Come supplied with the required 2 of 1.5v AAA batteries
  • See image of carton detailing CE marking

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Contactless Thermometer – CE Certified

36.90 (Price excl. VAT: 30.00)

Instructions for changing between Celsius and Fahrenheit

  • Press down the button for 12 seconds and on the screen a flashing C appears.
  • Press again, the letter changes to F. If you don’t press further the default temperature reading will remain in Fahrenheit.
  • It can be changed back to Celsius by repeating the exercise – and pressing the button when the flashing F appears but leaving C on the screen.

CE Certificate
ISO Supplier Certificate
Instruction Manual 
ASTM Standard

Checking your Childs Temperature – HSE Advice 
High Temperature – HSE