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Chito-Clot Adhesive Haemostat 8x5cm

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Chito-Clot Adhesive Haemostat 8x5cm
Suitable for covering moderate to severe bleeds
Dressing pad made from 100% Chitosan surrounded by a clear adhesive PU film that is breathable and waterproof
Chitosan works independently to the body’s normal clotting process
Dressing Size 8x5cm Island Pad Size 5×2.5cm

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Water-Jel ChitoClot Adhesive Haemostatic Dressings work alongside the bodies natural clotting process to stop bleeding fast. Adhesive Haemostatic Dressings can be used following a trauma by covering a serious bleed, reducing blood loss in a casualty. Adhesive Haemostatic Dressings are also useful for people whose natural blood clotting process does not work as well or for those on blood thinning medication.The dressing pad is made from 100% Chitosan and the surround is a clear adhesive film. The Water-Jel ChitoClot Adhesive Haemostatic Dressings stay firmly in place when they come in to contact with liquid and are easily and quickly applied to any wound.Water-Jel ChitoClot Adhesive Haemostatic Dressings come in a range of sizes and also in small and large assorted packs, making them suitable for any part of the body.