Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist

61.50 (Price excl. VAT: 50.00)

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This Blood Pressure Monitor will help control such important health indicators as blood pressure and heart rate. The smart function of the gadget lay in the ability to store the last 60 readings in the internal memory. This is very convenient for people suffering from hypertension, as this function will save them from the need of daily write down their readings in a notebook. The device is easy to use, making it suitable for both home and hospital applications.

  • Large screen and big front LCD display
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Detection for cuff wearing
  • Suitable wrist circumference: 13.5-19.5cm
  • Indication for movement error
  • Indication for position
  • 60 groups of memory
  • Average value display of 3 times measurement
  • Supplied with 2 AAA batteries

Blood-Pressure monitor Wrist
Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist

61.50 (Price excl. VAT: 50.00)