Adventurer First Aid Kit

20.91 (Price excl. VAT: 17.00)

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  • Ideal first aid kit for hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing and work assignments in remote areas
  • Durable water-resistant nylon bag can be tied to outside of backpacks, belts, harnesses etc.
  • Bag unzips for easy access to supplies and includes 2 zipped compartments (1 webbed, 1 nylon for added protection from moisture) and 2 webbed pockets to hold contents securely.
  • The Adventurer First Aid Kit is a comprehensive kit for handling a wide variety of injuries, including small burns, sprains, eye contamination and lacerations.
  • A tick remover is included to aid the safe removal of ticks which can carry Lyme disease.
  • Also included is blister dressings,scissors and a foil blanket to help stay warm and a perry whistle to call for help in emergency situations.

Pack Size: 1

Adventurer first aid kit
Adventurer First Aid Kit

20.91 (Price excl. VAT: 17.00)

1X First Aid Guidance Leaflet
1X HypaGuard Foil Blanket
10X HypaClean Moist Wipes, Alcohol Free
1X HypaCover Sterile Dressing
2X HypaCover Adhesive Dressings, Assorted
2X HypaCover Low Adherent Dressings, Assorted
1X Scissors
20X HypaPlast Pink Washproof Plasters, Assorted
1X HypaPlast Microporous Tape
1X HypaBand Triangular Bandage
1X HypaTouch Vinyl Gloves, Pair
1X HypaBand Crepe Cotton Bandage
2X HypaClens Eyewash Pods, 20ml
2X BurnStop Sachets, 3.5g
1X HypaCool Instant Cold Pack
1X HypaGuard Tick Remover
8X HypaCover Skin Closure Strips
5X HypaCover Gauze Swabs, Sterile
1X HypaGuard Face Shield
1X Emergency Whistle
5X HypaCover Blister Dressings