We are very excited to now stock the brand new DefibCaddy Outdoor defibrillator cabinet, the latest cabinet on the market! We take a closer look at the features that make this cabinet a fantastic choice to help make your defibrillator public access.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, the DefibCaddy is a robust cabinet suitable for placement in a variety of environments. Comprising of one-part moulded UV and made from impact resistant polyethylene in eye-catching yellow, this cabinet is hard to miss! All threaded fixing holes are moulded in, for increased strength and durability, so you can be assured that the cabinet is very hard-wearing against adverse weather and even vandalism.

With an impressive IP66 rating against dust and water damage, you can also be assured that the DefibCaddy is totally dust-tight and is effective in protecting against direct high pressure jets of water. The door is equipped with rigid PU foam for extra strength, and also comes with V0 flammability rating.


The cabinet is equipped with a 50W touch safe heater, which comes on when the temperature is at 5C, and goes off off at 15C. Thermostatically controlled heating means the heating kicks in when the temperature drops outside, keeping your device at the optimal temperature to ensure it’s rescue ready when you need it. As such, the heater will only be on for short periods of time and raises the air in the cabinet up to 15C, in order to drive out any condensation and protect the AED’s electronics. We hate to get too technical, but the integrated thermostat with bimetal switch means that there are no microchips or other complex electronics to fail, as you would find in other cabinets.

Costs of running the cabinet are low – based on the assumption that the heater is on for 1h per day, 4 months of the year, and the LED strip is kept on continually throughout the year:

Power Usage = (1h*365/3*50W) + (24h*365*3W)= 32 kWh
This equates to approximately £5 per year so you don’t have to worry about running up a large bill for maintaining your cabinet.

As mentioned above, the internal light is recommended to be kept on at all times, however the 3W LED strip comes with an ON/OFF switch if you would prefer to keep it turned off. The light illuminates the defibrillator inside the cabinet so it is visible through the viewing window in the dark, and it also gives the cabinet itself a glow, making it more visible at night time.


Keypad lock

Another benefit of this cabinet is that while all locked cabinets are already precoded when purchased, they can easily be changed by the user in as little as 10 seconds to a code that is more memorable for you. Just make sure that you register your defibrillator with The Circuit, so that this code is passed on to your respective local ambulance service so they can access or direct someone to your defibrillator in an emergency.


Unlike some cabinets that rust and get water damaged from condensation within a few years, the DefibCaddy has a 10 year structural warranty, a 5 year warranty on the lock and a 5 year warranty on the electrical components.